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choix de produits pour ma peau grasse.
Taches de rousseur depuis l'école élémentaire
Solution pour éclaircir les cicatrices d'acné
quel soin utilisé pour ma peau mixte? et quel maquillage?
Using pore refiner for whiteheads
cicatrices sur peau noire
Peau mixte affinée et brillante - 42 ans
pore dilaté

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combination skin/ combination of products?
  I have been using the products for almost 3 weeks, and I am happy about it except despite the fact I use pore refiner, the few tiny whiteheads still would not leave my nose.  
Conseiller pour la peau UNT



The key function of PORE REFINER Serum is to control sebum production. Using it in the long run will reduce the chance of pore clogging. As a result reduce blackheads and whiteheads. However, for existing ones, the PORE REFINER doesn't extract them. You will need to give sufficient amount of time for the whitehead to dissolve or fall off naturally. Exfoliate once to twice a day will speed up the process. Skincares are not medicated products. Please be patient and continue with your daily basic care. Slowly, you will see pleasant improvements to your skin texture and condition.